One Batch + FREE Edibles Journal
One Batch + FREE Edibles Journal
One Batch + FREE Edibles Journal
One Batch + FREE Edibles Journal
One Batch + FREE Edibles Journal
One Batch + FREE Edibles Journal

One Batch + FREE Edibles Journal

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Receive a batch of our monthly Green Grass Kitchen kit! AND our Edibles Journal with your first kit.

Each monthly kit includes:

  • All the premium non-perishable ingredients pre-measured to make a batch
  • Any special tools to make this month's recipe
  • Decorating supplies for fun and to label infused products
  • Full written instructions with step-by-step photos to make the infusion and the edibles
  • Tips on the best herbs to use with this recipe

* Note, no cannabis included. We will email you upon shipping to give you tips on what cannabis will go best with this month's recipe plus the perishables you'll need to get (like eggs, butter, milk, bananas, etc.)

The Edibles Journal is all about...

Making your edibles using dried flower buds is a natural way of altering and supporting your well-being. Eating cannabis provides more measured dosing, takes effect more slowly, lasts longer, typically is felt more in the body than the mind, and avoids smoking’s carcinogenic effects. Edibles are also a more discreet way to consume cannabis, including in public, health-care facilities, and homes.

Journalling allows you to learn your personal dosage and preferred strains for your symptoms and desired effects, track progress, and inform discussions with your health-care team. Use the space within your edibles journal’s pages to track the effects and symptoms most important to you.

Benefits of Green Grass Kitchen's Edibles Journal:

  • Enclosed within a binder for easy adding of additional pages and your Green Grass Kitchen monthly recipes.
  • Additional topics covered include cannabis and terpene effects, edibles as a cannabis consumption method, common kitchen & cannabis conversions, how to use a journal and how to dose your edibles
  • Laminated dosage calculation guide + included dry erase marker makes calculating your possible dosage - based on your flower and homemade recipe - simple
  • The full letter size page entries have prompts to detail the strain used to make the infusion, the dosage you consumed and the effects and symptom relief you experienced over 10+ hours. Space is included for notes to yourself and healthcare team for improving the next time.

>>> Kits ship mid-month. If you subscribe by the 2nd of the month, you'll receive that month's kit otherwise you'll receive the next month. Will then auto-renew on the 20th of each month until you cancel. <<<