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Press Kit

Green Grass Kitchen

The Green Grass Kitchen box: homemade edibles at their finest!

Taste-tester extraordinaire and her not-official-Chef partner are two Vancouverites who love fusing tetrahydrocannabinols and CBDs with food, and are firm believers that goodies which get you baked are better than ones that do not get you baked.

Together they dreamed up the Green Grass Kitchen: a kit of pre-measured ingredients and surprises shipped straight-to-you. They’ve got lots of how-to’s, and even created a CBD/THC-dosage calculator, too. For those that want to skip the stuff and access digital, they've released recipes, journal pages and the dosage calculator as instant downloads.

Once in your hands, the Green Grass Kitchen box translates into masterfully-infused marijuana edibles with modern, wholesome ingredients that balance and heighten the experience of eating cannabis.

So no, this isn’t going to be like that time you ate too much weed brownie - from a stranger, no less - and curled up on someone’s gravel driveway to ride it out.

This is edible cannabis, elevated.


To make the cannabis edibles experience accessible, predictable and just better.

Quick Facts:

  • First box shipped August 2018
  • Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada
  • Shipping to Canada and USA
  • All packaging is compostable or recyclable
  • The box doesn’t include cannabis nor perishables like eggs, milk or strawberries.
  • It does include all the pre-measured wholesome ingredients, decorating accessories, special tools and detailed photo instructions.
  • Instant downloads have zero-packaging and no shipping wait times

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