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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions we've got asked so far. If you have another one, feel free to contact us at hello (at) Thanks!

Green Grass Kitchen's Downloadables

How do I access the files to download?

Through Green Grass Kitchen's Etsy Shop, once payment is processed you will receive a link to an instant download for the file(s). They are PDFs that you can view in PDF on a computer or on most smart phones, or print directly yourself at home.

How do I print the files?

> Save the file to your computer (My Documents or your cloud folder) > Open the file > Then select Print from the menu.

For settings, we recommend that you select "actual size", select "colour", select double-sided or print even pages first then flip before printing odd pages. For best results, suggest printing on card stock or via a local/online print service.The journal pages and recipe cards can be hole-punched to fit in your GGK Edibles Journal, wellness planner or recipe binder.

Can I reuse the files?

You can download and print as many times as you like, but only for your personal use please. Due to this being an online instant downloadable file, all sales are final.

General About Green Grass Kitchen

Why not just buy pre-made edibles?

A few of reasons...

1. Even if you live in a cannabis recreational or medical legal province / state, edibles may still be restricted. For example, in Canada edibles were only legalized in October 2019 (a year after dried flower).

2. Making your own, along with our edibles dosage calculation guide (included with the edibles journal or available as an instant download), allows you to customize your dosage and personalize your experience. You can do this through the strains you use in the infusion (terpene levels and cannabinoid strengths) and potency you measure for your baked goodie.

3. Using flower (buds, trim, shake, etc.) infusions rather than simply injecting in processed distillates and concentrates is a more natural and holistic way of consuming your cannabis. Also one you can do yourself, instead of needing a lab, solvents or other petrochemicals.

4. The ooohs and ahhhs you'll get from making your own better homemade edibles! Fresh baked, from scratch with real wholesome ingredients. What's not to love?

Are you the Baked Baker's Box?

We were! In summer 2018 we switched our name and our focus. Same better experience and its now not just about baking and "getting baked"!

Our recipes and kits include a variety of homemade edibles from baked goodies and chilled pressed bars to warming drinks and cooked savorys. We will also continue our focus on education, wellness and empowering yourself through DIY skills.

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept Bitcoin and Email Money Transfer for our physical products. For instant downloads, this is via Etsy which accepts major credit cards, Paypal, Apple Pay and others.

What is your cancellation and refund policy ?

Please note, we can not cancel or issue refunds for kits that have already shipped as they contain food.

Also, all sales are final for our printables / downloadables due to these being an online instant download file.

For other returns, item(s) must be in original packaging, and brand new condition. Returns must include a return merchandize authorization number which can be acquired by emailing us. We reserve the right to deny any return or exchange and may request additional information as a condition of a return or exchange. We strongly recommend you insure your package(s) as we are not liable for items that are lost or damaged while in transit. Shipping services purchased by the buyer in relation to the original purchase, including but not limited to, upgraded and international shipping are the sole responsibility of the buyer and are non-refundable.

This return policy is only available to customers in Canada. We will do our best to accommodate such a request within our discretion but at the same time keeping you, the customer, satisfied. We reserve the right to amend this Return Policy at any time. We reserve the right to refuse a return for any reason.


Green Grass Kitchen's Box

Is cannabis, marijuana, THC or CBD included in the Green Grass Kitchen box?

No, please see your local cannabis retail store product specialist, pharmacist or budtender at your local medical or recreational facility to secure this ingredient. When we ship, we will email you some suggestions on the type of cannabis that will go well with that kit's recipe!

What else do I need?

You will need basic kitchen supplies like an oven (or toaster oven), stove or microwave, bowls, and spoons. Any special tools will be included in the GGK Box. You may find having our Infusion Kit handy.

We will send you a list of perishables when your box ships. Each recipe will vary on the ingredients needed but you may need items such as butter, milk, eggs, bananas or strawberries.

And then just follow the included step-by-step photo instructions.

When will I get my Green Grass Kitchen kit?

We ship kits within a few business days of ordering, and you can select different shipping services at check-out in case you need it sooner. We then send you a tracking number so you can receive notifications and updates as it makes its journey to you.

Other orders such as kitchen appliances and tools, grinders and storage may have different shipping lengths based on supplier. If any questions, please email us to confirm.

Where do you ship? How much is shipping?

Currently we ship within Canada and into the USA. Upon shipping, we will email you the tracking info.

Please note, our box is big & heavy (lots of goodies inside!) so the cost of shipping will be calculated on checkout based on your location. You can also select faster shipping if you'd like! We use Canada Post & USPS which calculates based on weight, speed and zones.

Contact us if you have somewhere else you'd like us to bring homemade edibles know-how and supplies to!

Can I send a gift?

Yes! Consider adding on an Edibles Journal, Infusion Kit or Gift Pack. The Gift Pack includes a card, confetti and candles for an extra fun surprise! 

Something is missing, broken or just not right with my order. What do I do?

oh no! We strive to make everything super good so please send us a message asap so we can help fix it. Email us at: greegrasskitchenbox (at)

I have specific food requirements. Does this kit include....?

The Green Grass Kitchen's food is packaged in a food safe certified facility in Canada, however, that facility processes dairy, gluten, nuts, wheat, and other possible allergens. Our recipes also include a wide range of wholesome ingredients from chocolate and peanuts to flour and oats.

While many of our recipes are vegetarian, most are not vegan. There are vegan substitutes that work well though such as apple sauce or mashed banana instead of egg or coconut oil instead of butter.

Contact us to ask for substitution suggestions. (please note, no replacement ingredients will be provided, just some baking tips!)

What do I do with the packaging once I'm done baking?

All of the Green Grass Kitchen's box is either reusable, compostable or recyclable.

  • The mailing box can be reused or recycled. As it fits standard letter size, look at ways around your home or office it could be used such as to organize, display or store your treasures and papers.
  • The large food bag - compost
  • The medium food bag - compost
  • The small food cup - recycled
  • The decorating tubes / jars / containers - recycled
  • The packing material (tissue paper) - reused or recycled
  • The kitchen tools - for you to use again
  • The food - eat! :)


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