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What's in *your* brownies? 😯❓❓❓😳

A friend of mine was having a horrible week last week.

When I say horrible, I mean, horrible.

I mean, Marge was losing it.

Her kids were misbehaving, her assistant had just quit, her husband was working on a huge work project that kept him late at the office, the dog had some sort of stomach problem that caused it to let loose all over the living room carpet… everything.

And in hindsight, we know that bad things all come clumped together.

Weirdly enough, it wasn’t all those things that made her crack open a bottle of wine at my house.

That Thursday, she couldn’t believe how close she was to the weekend. She could taste the exhale she needed. And as she was making her way home from work, she had a HUGE craving for a chocolate bar.

Like, the sort of craving that you’re 1000% confident if you can satisfy, all the other problems might totally, completely disappear.

So she pulled into a gas station and grabbed herself an Extra Large Mars bar.

Pulled off the wrapping in the car. Cracked it open. Watched the caramel and the cocoa fluff beckon her. And took a bite.


But there was one problem. Marge was a bit of a health nut… most days.

She only bought organic fruits and veggies: and not just the Dirty Dozen. She tried to stay away from meat most days. Her kids didn’t even drink cow’s milk.

So what was her mistake? Looking at the ingredient list while she chewed.

Dread filled her.

The cocoa fluff? Not so fluffy. The caramel? Sticking to her teeth. Even the chocolate coating seemed… old and kind of moth-bally.

What she realized was that her one moment of weakness that she thought would feel amazing, didn’t feel that way at all. Not because of sugar or chocolate. But because she couldn’t understand half the ingredients on the label.

She had no idea what she was eating, what was hidden in the fluff, where it was created or grown…. And that made her nervous.

Truthfully? It makes me nervous too.

Because with legalization going nation-wide this month, you’ll soon be able to pick up a little sativa-spiked brownie on your way home from work. But won’t that be exactly the same thing as what Marge struggled with?

You still don’t know what’s in your edibles.

You don’t know who made it, dosed it, or where the cannabis came from.

That’s why at Green Grass Kitchen, we give you the chance to

  • Control your own ingredients, methods, and experience so you know exactly what you’re putting into your body, instead of guessing
  • Rely on the most local, trusted, wholesome, and sustainable sources (making sure the Dirty Dozen is organic, but overall understanding that products from far away have more of a negative footprint)
  • Have clear, see-through packaging, and complete transparency with our procurement processes
  • Adjust your dosage, so that you’re not eating six muffins just to ease your pain
  • Access and make your own edibles, especially if you can't wait until the "sometime after flower legalization", you’re remote or don’t have access to any nearby cannabis-friendly markets (or if there aren’t a variety of doses available once store bought edibles are legal)

Our main focus at Green Grass Kitchen?

Giving you control over your edibles.

We provide ingredients you can trust, tools you need, and instructions you can rely on in one easy, discreet package delivered straight to your door.

We make the process unique, customizable, and worthwhile.

So are you ready to take advantage of our homemade edibles kits?

(You don’t want to miss out autumn-inspired “legalized” muffins with canna-coconut oil, almonds, cranberries, and pumpkin seeds! Get them here.)

Or do you want to buy into a 3- or 6-month package?

I want a 3-month supply!

I want a 6-month supply!

Whichever one you pick, know we’ll be there with you every step of the way.

From farm to table.

With healing,

GGK Team

P.S. If you’re not happy with what’s in your normal edibles, want them ASAP with flower legalization Oct 17, or just want more control over your consumption - our GGK kits are perfect for you. Grab yours here! And you definitely don’t want to miss out on our November box. Watch your inbox carefully for more info.