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Help us help you. *Yes, we said that a la Jerry Maguire*

It’s a bird.

It’s a plane.


We’ve all heard the news that on October 17, Canada is legalizing recreational cannabis. So even if you’re already a medical consumer, access to strains and availability of product is going to become just that much more liberal.


Here’s where it gets interesting: you now have a specific say in how you consume.

You have ALL the power. 

Want to puff on your vape after work? Good.

Rub a little homemade lotion on your sore back? Excellent.

Have a little bake night to celebrate another day lived? Right up our alley.

So, in preparation for Green Grass Kitchen’s culinary explorations, we want to know what gets YOU excited about cooking. About edibles. And how we can best serve you.

Because when my husband, Jordan, and I dreamed up Green Grass Kitchen, we didn’t do it for our own satisfaction (though the name is definitely fun to say). 

We did it because we had seen friends, family, colleagues and the world at large struggle.

With addiction, depression, chronic pain, overall life anxiety and extensive, long-term health problems. 

We dreamed it up because there should be more information on how to consume cannabis responsibly.

There should be more information on how to use cannabis in a way that won’t necessarily just “get you high” but will heal you, help you sleep, lower your pain, and lift your spirits.

We believe cannabis is therapeutic in all the meanings of that word.

So will you help us, help you?

(((Thank you for those that participated - the survey is now closed. But feel free to email us anytime with feedback or suggestions!)))

We’re all in. Because we want to make Green Grass Kitchen your go-to for healthy, safe make-at-home edibles.


So what are you waiting for?

Get ahead of legalization and set yourself up for an incredible end of the year. 

Happy cooking,

Green Grass Kitchen