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Giving Tuesday is here...

This week we're light on edibles news so we can bring you more on a special promo we're running for Giving Tuesday and Canada's Foundation for Women's Health.

We here at Green Grass Kitchen love this recent addition to the holiday line up - Giving Tuesday!

What's Giving Tuesday you ask?

Well, Giving Tuesday is a day to donate or volunteer with a non-profit or charity. Pick one that's local to you, a cause you care about or in memory of a loved one. It began just in 2012 as a response to commercialization and consumerism in the post-American Thanksgiving season (Black Friday and Cyber Monday).

In honour, we're donating $5 for every homemade edibles kit we sell between now and midnight Tuesday November 27, 2018.  We'll be donating to Canada's Foundation for Women's Health. They have a progressive mandate to support groundbreaking research and education that saves lives and improves sexual and reproductive health for all women.

While they haven't yet supported cannabis specific research and the impact on women's health and wellness, they do cover many other aspects that at least anecdotally are seen to benefit from cannabis use by many women. Perhaps we'll see more than passing reference to the marijuana medicine in the future.

Some of the current programs and partners are working on projects like:

  • Finding better diagnosis and treatments of Endometriosis. Current treatments range are from surgery and hormone drugs to lifestyle changes, relaxation techniques and pain management (like cannabis is known for!). Endometriosis is the growth of tissue, like the kind that lines a woman’s uterus, elsewhere in her body. This results in inflammation and sometimes scarring, both of which can cause the painful symptoms of endometriosis and may contribute to difficulty getting pregnant.
  • Promoting, supporting and advocating for midwifery as a regulated, publicly funded and integral part of the primary healthcare system in all provinces and territories. Did you know some women effectively use cannabis as an alternative treatment for severe nausea and vomiting when pregnant.
  • Spotlighting up-to-date research evidence on menopause and women’s health at midlife to women and the health professionals who care for them. Temperature regulation (i.e. less hot flashes!!) may occur with cannabis use.

Thank you!
The Green Grass Kitchen Team

p.s. you can donate directly to Canada's Foundation for Women's Health by clicking here too.

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