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Future of Cannabis

A round up of some of our other future focused sources of cannabis, wellness and women viewpoints:

Sex Ed with a Twist by Laska Maria incorporates cannabis into solo and partnered sex. She provides heaps of sex-positive and pro-cannabis information, tools (aka toys) and know-how.

Gender Bias in Cannabis Businesses by Blyss Cloud includes several examples of how women can come prepared and select the best company to work for/with. Including the 3 types of cannabis companies.

Sacred Leaf is an aromatherapist who will be using cannabis in their topicals. Terpenes and cannabinoids both have effects when applied to skin, though different effects than consumption. Like edibles, they are awaiting legalization v2.

Explore Latitude by 48Nrth is a online and hardcopy publication sharing women's stories as related to cannabis and wellness.

Fetch My CBD is a pet wellness company providing the same support and resources their human friends have access to.