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Dosed right, for you. Your next edibles journal...

Did you know that our minds often play tricks on us?

Many well-known psychological studies have proven that not only do we misremember, we also misrepresent past events and easily take them as fact, when actually, they might not have happened that way at all. 

For example, whether I worked out 3 times last month or 10, I wouldn’t be able to tell you until someone asked. Then, based on how I currently feel, I’d answer. 

Current emotions aren’t a good gauge for how past events affected us, however. Which is why we at Green Grass Kitchen are big... huge... ginormous fans of tracking.

Not just your mood or your calories or your medication.

But your edibles. Their effects. Your reactions.

That’s why with every 3- and 6- month subscription, we include a free edibles journal in the package.

Not only will this help YOU differentiate between your favourite dishes, strains, effects, and dosages, but it’ll help your health care team determine a treatment plan if you’re a medical cannabis user.

The best part of it all?

It comes with a laminated, reusable, ready-for-the-fridge dosage and conversion guide for those of us who aren’t as accustomed to bakery and dosing as others.

At Green Grass Kitchen, we know that everyone’s been a beginner. (And we all forget what oz to g is on a daily basis, anyway.)

So if you haven’t gotten your subscription yet… 

Think about it today. 

Think about a future where you don’t have to search high and low for the right concentration, for the right strains, for the right feelings. You just get it all delivered to your home on a monthly basis.

Easy. Peasy. And? Possible.

So grab your first box and make an investment in your health, in your experience, and in your self-awareness.

We know you’re worth it.

Happy cooking,


Green Grass Kitchen

    • The edible journal is also available for purchase separately from our monthly packages, if that’s something that strikes your fancy. Check that out here!